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United Codes
Item Option Manager Pro

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Last update: 25-JUL-2023

Plug-in for Oracle Application Express (APEX) by United Codes

Introducing Item Option Manager Pro, an innovative addition to the APEX ecosystem. This powerful plug-in revolutionizes option management by enabling seamless control over disabling, enabling, hiding, and showing specific or multiple options within Radio Groups, Checkbox Groups, and Select Lists. The dynamic capabilities of Item Option Manager extend beyond traditional Page Items and encompass IG (Interactive Grid) item types as well. You can effortlessly apply dynamic actions to Page Items and Interactive Grids, unlocking a new level of flexibility and versatility. By incorporating the Item Option Manager plug-in into your development workflow, you gain a trusted ally and valuable time-saver. This plug-in empowers you to effortlessly handle complex requirements by easily configuring and implementing multiple diverse scenarios based on dynamic item values.