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Enhanced Grid Pro (by United Codes)

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Last update: May 16 2024

United Codes Enhanced Grid Pro provides an Excel spreadsheet user experience for Oracle APEX.

Enhanced Grid Pro is built on the Handsontable library - a JavaScript data grid that looks and feels like a spreadsheet. Give your users Excel-like editing ability, including multi-line copy and paste, plus undo and redo functionality..

Excel-like editing

Edit data as if you were in Excel. Easier and quicker than with the native Oracle APEX Interactive Grid.

Multi-line Copy & Paste

Use Ctrl+C to copy a value. Use Ctrl+V to paste them. It works with Lists of Values too.

Undo & Redo

Use Ctrl+Z to undo actions. Use Ctrl+Y to redo them.

Multiple column types supported

  • Plain Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Checkbox
  • Select List (LOV)
  • HTML

API included

With the included JavaScript API, you can:

  • get/set values
  • reload/save data
  • make row/column/cell read-only
  • ...

Check JavaScript API.


Enhanced Grid Pro triggers multiple events, enabling you to customize and interact with your data/grid. Events supported:

  • Before/after refresh
  • Change
  • After save
  • ...

Check supported events.

Validate data

You can use a PL/SQL procedure to validate data. A simple API to define validation errors is included.

Save data

Saving data is possible in two ways:

  • Automatic row processing
  • Using a PL/SQL procedure

Copy from Excel

Copy data from Excel directly to Grid.

If there are not enough rows in Grid, additional rows are added automatically.


You can define your own translations for each component/message in Enhanced Grid Pro.

Check translation options.