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Live demo

Experience the power of the United Codes Rich Text Editor Pro without the need to install it. You can interact with the plug-in using our publicly available sample application.

The sample application provides an opportunity to explore the plug-in's capabilities, its integration with Oracle APEX, and offers simple examples of how to use it effectively.

You can download and install the plug-in sample application in your APEX schema for free, thanks to the Trial License.


The sample application is just one way to install the plug-in. Learn more about installation in the Getting Started \ Installation section.

Guided Tours

To enhance your experience and understanding of the plug-in's features, we've included guided tours that explain how the sample application's pages work. To start a tour, simply click the Start Guided Tour button.



Preview components definitions

The sample application allows you to preview the configurations of page components directly in the live demo. Each page includes a region with components used to build the demo, and you can preview component configurations in a modal page without needing to open Oracle APEX page designer. Just click on a listed component to see how effortlessly you can use our rich text editor.


This feature works for various page components that implement our plug-ins:

Page item


Supporting dynamic action plug-in


Supporting process plug-in



Native Form


Native PL/SQL Dynamic Content