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The table below describes the requirements that were used to define the plug-in’s scope.

RequirementInteractive JET Charts
1Export current Oracle APEX JET chart as an image.(tick)

The plug-in converts the Oracle JET chart into a PNG image and downloads it.
2Allow customizing Oracle APEX JET chart attributes.(tick)

The plug-in exposes 37 (in total) JET chart attributes to be customized by the end-user.
3Allow end-users to preserve customizations applied to Oracle APEX JET charts.(tick)

The plug-in allows the user to save any Oracle JET chart customizations in the specified table.
4Support translating the plug-in interface elements.(tick)

The plug-in uses Oracle APEX Globalization Text Messages to translate labels used by the plug-in.
5Support handling the plug-in interface with the keyboard only.(tick)

The plug-in interface is accessible using only the keyboard.
6Allow APEX developers to track end-users interactions with the plug-in.(tick)

The plug-in exposes 6 events that can be handled using Oracle APEX dynamic actions