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Features at a Glance

Download chart as an image

The plug-in can create and download a PNG image from the current state of the existing JET chart.

Compatible with 7 Oracle APEX JET charts

The plug-in supports 7 basic Oracle APEX JET charts: bar, line, area, line with area, combination, pie, and donut.

37 Customizable JET attributes

The plug-in exposes 37 (in total) JET chart attributes to be customized by the end-user by using the plug-in interface (radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields and color pickers). Attributes to customize vary depending on chart type.

Citizen development

End-users can save any customization applied to the Oracle APEX JET charts using the plug-in interface without needing any assistance from Oracle APEX application developers.


The plug-in interface can be handled by the keyboard only.


The plug-in interface elements such as menu entries, settings and labels can be translated using Oracle APEX globalization text messages.