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What are Community Plug-ins?

Plug-ins Pro Community plug-ins are a professional set of commercially supported plug-ins for the Oracle APEX community. You can use one, a handful, or all of them. It's your choice. The plug-ins have been created to provide missing declarative APEX features or improvements to existing functionality. The plug-ins have been designed to help you improve your development productivity and solution capabilities.

You are FREE to use the plug-ins in any APEX application you develop, even commercial ones. There are no hidden costs or strings attached. The 'UC' prefix in the plug-in name means the plug-ins are actively maintained and supported by United Codes via Plug-ins Pro. We are a team of Oracle & APEX experts and APEX plug-in specialists who you can trust and rely on. We working with APEX!


How to Download

Minimum Requirements: APEX 19.2

Browser Support: Modern Browsers e.g., Firefox, Chrome

All plug-ins can be downloaded from your Plug-ins Pro account. This sample application is provided with any community plug-in download. So, we recommend installing it in your workspace and using it as a reference guide for the plug-ins. Then, you can simply copy & subscribe the plug-ins to other applications in your workspace.



Plug-ins Pro Community plug-ins are licensed under MIT. They are FREE to use in any APEX application, whether it's commercial, open source, or closed source. No strings attached!

Whilst we have opted for a non-restrictive license in good faith, we would hope that no one abuses this freedom. Either by re-using/forking these plug-ins in a product that competes with our own or rebranding the plug-ins without retaining the original author credits.



We will provide ongoing support for these plug-ins for their lifetime. You can safely use these plug-ins in your applications and count on us to keep them working! In any worst-case event, the source code is provided in the plug-ins; you are in complete control when using them.

Need better support? For companies that require that extra level of support, we provide an affordable paid service that gives you access to our support portal and prioritized bug fixes, security updates, and enhancements. You can find pricing details here . By paying for support, you are also contributing to the future of the project, enabling us to dedicate more time and resources to it. Allowing us to create more & more FREE plug-ins for the APEX community.